Bold Key West Chickens Entertain as a Quirky Feature of the Island

Key West chickens are a famous and beloved part of the island’s culture. These chickens are a unique and colorful feature of the island, and they can be seen wandering freely through the streets, yards, and public spaces.

The Key West chicken population is believed to have originated from the island’s early settlers, who brought chickens with them as a source of food and eggs. Later, when cockfighting became popular, more chickens were brought to the island and allowed to roam free.

Today, the chickens are considered part of the island’s charm, and many locals and visitors enjoy seeing and interacting with them. The chickens are known for their loud crowing and clucking, which can be heard throughout the day and night.

There are several different breeds of chickens on the island, each with its own distinctive appearance and personality. Some are small and feisty, while others are larger and more docile. Visitors can often spot chickens in colorful plumage, such as reds, greens, and blues.

The city of Key West has taken steps to protect the chickens and ensure their well-being. In 2004, the city passed an ordinance that prohibits the harming or feeding of the chickens, and there are even designated “chicken crossing” signs in some areas to alert drivers to their presence.

The Key West chickens are a unique and charming part of the island’s culture, and they add to the island’s laid-back and colorful atmosphere.

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More Key West Chickens Facts

  1. The Key West chickens are a mix of several different breeds, including Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and Plymouth Rocks. They are known for their colorful plumage, which can include shades of red, orange, green, blue, and black.
  2. The chickens are not restricted to any particular area of the island and can be found wandering throughout Key West. They often congregate in public spaces, such as parks and parking lots, and can also be found in residential neighborhoods.
  3. Key West chickens are not just a daytime attraction. They are known to crow and cluck throughout the night, sometimes waking up visitors who are not used to their distinctive sounds.
  4. The chickens are very much a part of the island’s culture and history. In fact, the annual Fantasy Fest parade in Key West features a “chicken float” that honors the island’s feathered friends.
  5. While the chickens are beloved by many locals and visitors, they can also be a nuisance. They have been known to dig up gardens and flower beds, and some residents complain about their noise.
  6. The city of Key West has taken steps to protect the chickens and ensure their well-being. There is a dedicated team of volunteers who provide food and water to the chickens, and the city has installed special roosting areas for them in public parks.
  7. Despite their free-ranging lifestyle, Key West chickens are not considered wild animals. They are still technically domesticated chickens, and they are protected by local laws and regulations.