What to Know Before Going on the La Crosse Queen

A Mississippi Boat Tour: A Scenic Experience on the La Crosse Queen

Exploring the Mississippi River aboard the La Crosse Queen is an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of La Crosse, Wisconsin. This authentic paddlewheel boat tour offers a unique perspective on the river’s natural beauty, rich wildlife, and fascinating history. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the La Crosse Queen scenic boat tour is a must-do activity that promises adventure, relaxation, and a deep appreciation for one of America’s greatest rivers.

Setting Sail on the La Crosse Queen

Boarding the La Crosse Queen feels like stepping back in time. The boat is a replica of the grand riverboats that once plied the Mississippi River, complete with a functioning paddlewheel and classic design. As you set sail, the gentle rhythm of the paddlewheel and the soothing sounds of the river instantly set the tone for a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

mississippi turtles on a log

Wildlife Encounters: Bald Eagles and Turtles

One of the highlights of the scenic tour is the opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife that calls the Mississippi River home. During our trip, we were fortunate enough to spot several majestic bald eagles. These incredible birds, with their distinctive white heads and powerful wingspans, are a symbol of American freedom and natural beauty. Watching them soar above the river or perch high in the trees was truly awe-inspiring.

We also saw numerous turtles basking on logs along the riverbanks. These quiet creatures added to the tranquil atmosphere of the tour. Their presence is a reminder of the rich biodiversity that thrives in and around the Mississippi River, making the tour not just a visual delight but also an educational experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

la crosse queen swing bridge

Navigating the Swing Bridge

A particularly fascinating moment of the tour was passing through the swing bridge. This engineering marvel swings open to allow boats to pass through, a process that is both impressive and seamless. Watching the bridge in action provided a glimpse into the functional aspects of river navigation and added an element of intrigue to our journey. Be sure to wave to the bridge operator as you pass!

bald eagle la crosse queen

A Great Family Activity

The La Crosse Queen scenic boat tour is an excellent activity for families. The boat is spacious and comfortable, with ample seating and unobstructed views from both the enclosed and open-air decks. The tour is narrated, providing interesting facts and stories about the river’s history, the local ecosystem, and the landmarks we passed along the way.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the variety of sights and the gentle pace of the cruise. It’s a perfect way to spend quality time together, learn something new, and create lasting memories.

la crosse queen boat tour info

Exploring the Mississippi

The scenic boat tour on the La Crosse Queen is more than just a leisurely cruise; it’s an exploration of the Mississippi River’s vibrant life and history. The river has played a crucial role in the development of the region, serving as a vital waterway for transportation, trade, and recreation. The tour highlights these aspects, giving passengers a deeper appreciation for the river’s significance.

Tips for Your Tour

  • Bring a Camera: You’ll want to capture the stunning scenery and wildlife. The boat provides excellent photo opportunities from all angles.
  • Dress Comfortably: Depending on the weather, bring layers to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the trip. Sunglasses and hats are also recommended for sunny days.
  • Arrive Early: Boarding begins before the scheduled departure time, so arriving early ensures you get a good seat and can explore the boat before setting sail.
  • Listen to the Narration: The narrated tour provides valuable insights and interesting anecdotes that enhance the overall experience.

A scenic tour on the La Crosse Queen is a quintessential La Crosse experience. From the thrill of spotting bald eagles to the peaceful sight of turtles lounging on logs and the marvel of the swing bridge, the tour offers something for everyone. It’s a perfect family activity that combines fun, education, and a sense of adventure, making it a highlight of any visit to La Crosse. Don’t miss the chance to explore the mighty Mississippi River aboard the charming La Crosse Queen!

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