Door County Cherry Trees Have Incredible Blossoms

Door County Cherry Trees Blossom 2023

Are the Door County Cherry Trees Blooming? The cherry trees are blooming in Door County as of 5/12/23! Cherries are a big deal in Door County for a few reasons. Firstly, Door County’s climate and soil are ideal for growing cherries. The county is located on a narrow peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan, which helps to create a microclimate that is perfect for growing cherries. The soil in Door County is also rich in nutrients and minerals, which helps to produce high-quality fruit.

Secondly, cherries have a long and important history in Door County. Cherry orchards were first planted in the county in the early 1900s, and they quickly became an important part of the local economy. Over the years, Door County’s cherry industry has faced challenges such as weather disasters and pests, but it has remained resilient and continues to thrive today.

Finally, cherries have become an important part of Door County’s cultural identity. Cherry festivals, cherry picking, and cherry products are all popular attractions for visitors to the area. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is a major event in Door County, attracting thousands of visitors each year. In addition, the county is home to numerous cherry orchards, wineries, and other businesses that specialize in cherry products, such as cherry pies, jams, and wine.

Our Favorite Spots to See Door County Cherry Trees

The blooming season for cherry trees in Door County, Wisconsin typically lasts for about 7 to 10 days, depending on weather conditions. The blooming period usually starts in late April to early May, with the exact timing varying slightly from year to year. During this time, the cherry trees produce beautiful white to pink blossoms, which are a popular attraction for visitors to the region.

After the blooming period ends, the cherry trees start to produce fruit, which will ripen and be ready for harvest later in the summer. The ripening period for tart cherries in Door County typically occurs in July, and visitors can enjoy cherry picking, as well as other cherry-based products like pie, jam, and wine throughout the summer months.

  1. Lautenbach’s Orchard Country: This family-owned orchard in Fish Creek is one of the largest cherry orchards in Door County, with over 100 acres of cherry trees. Visitors can take a scenic drive or walk through the orchard during the cherry blossom season to see the beautiful white and pink blossoms.
  2. The Village of Egg Harbor: The village of Egg Harbor is home to several parks and trails that are lined with cherry trees. Harbor View Park, located right on the waterfront, offers stunning views of the cherry blossoms and the bay.

door county cherry trees

Door County Cherry Trees

Door County is home to two main types of cherry trees: tart cherries and sweet cherries. Tart cherries are the most commonly grown type of cherry in Door County, and they are used to make cherry pies, jams, and other delicious treats. Sweet cherries are also grown in Door County, but they are less common.

The cherry orchards in Door County are a sight to behold, especially when the trees are in bloom. When the cherry trees are in full bloom, they create a stunning sea of pink and white flowers that are a photographer’s dream. The cherry blossoms usually bloom in late April to early May, and the peak bloom period typically lasts for about a week.

Door County cherry trees are a vital part of the region’s agricultural heritage, and they have been cultivated there for over a century. These trees are predominantly tart cherry varieties, which thrive in the area’s cool summers and cold winters. The cherry industry has become a significant part of the local economy and community, with cherry picking, cherry festivals, and cherry-based products like jam, juice, and wine being popular attractions for visitors.

The cultivation and maintenance of Door County cherry trees require careful attention and expertise. The trees need to be pruned, sprayed for pests, and fertilized regularly to produce high-quality fruit. Despite the challenges, the cherry industry in Door County remains strong, and many orchard owners take great pride in their work.

Door County cherry trees are a cherished aspect of the region’s identity, and they continue to be a source of pride and enjoyment for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re picking cherries, savoring cherry pie, or simply admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms in the springtime, Door County cherry trees offer a unique and delightful experience.