Des Moines Skywalk System a Unique Way to Get Around City

The Des Moines skywalk system is a unique way to explore the city. Skywalks are enclosed pedestrian bridges that connect buildings at an elevated level, usually above ground-level traffic. They are often found in urban areas where high-rise buildings are close together, and are designed to provide a safe and convenient way for pedestrians to move between buildings without having to navigate street-level traffic or inclement weather conditions.

Des Moines, Iowa is a city known for its extensive skywalk system, which spans over 4 miles and connects various buildings and attractions in the downtown area. The skywalks in Des Moines were first built in the 1970s and have since been expanded to connect more buildings, making it one of the largest skywalk systems in the United States.

The skywalk system in Des Moines has many benefits, including promoting pedestrian safety and reducing traffic congestion. It also provides a way for people to stay active and connected in the colder months, as the enclosed walkways offer shelter from the harsh winter weather. Additionally, the skywalk system has helped to stimulate economic growth in the downtown area by making it easier for people to access businesses and attractions.