Best Golf Course in Door County

Peninsula State Park Best Golf Course in Door County

Looking for the best golf course in Door County? Door County, Wisconsin, is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, charming small towns, and stunning waterfront views. But for avid golfers, Door County also offers some of the best golf courses in the Midwest, and among them, Peninsula State Park Golf Course stands out as the top destination for golf enthusiasts.

Located in the heart of Peninsula State Park, the golf course is nestled amidst the towering pines and rolling hills that are characteristic of the area. The 18-hole course spans over 6,200 yards, and its challenging layout has attracted golfers of all skill levels for over a century.

One of the key features of Peninsula State Park Golf Course is its impeccable maintenance. The course is kept in pristine condition year-round, thanks to the dedicated team of groundskeepers who work tirelessly to ensure that every blade of grass is perfectly trimmed and every bunker is expertly raked. The greens are fast and true, and the fairways are lush and inviting, making for a golfing experience that is both challenging and enjoyable.

What Makes Peninsula State Golf Course the Best in Door County?

Famous Hole #8

Hole #8 at Peninsula State Park Golf Course is a short par-3 that measures 69 yards from the back tees. This hole is unique in that it is located on a dramatic downhill slope, with a drop of approximately 60 feet from the tee box to the green.

From the tee box, golfers are treated to a stunning view of the surrounding forest and parkland, with the green visible in the distance at the bottom of the hill. The challenge of this hole lies in the elevation change, which can make it difficult to judge the distance and select the appropriate club.

To add to the difficulty, the green is small and well-bunkered, with a steep slope from back to front that can send shots rolling towards the front edge of the green. Shots that are hit too long or too far to the left or right can end up in the collection areas or rough, leaving a tricky up-and-down to save par.

Despite its challenges, Hole #8 at Peninsula State Park Golf Course is a favorite among many golfers, thanks to its scenic views and unique layout. A well-struck shot that finds the green can set up a birdie opportunity, while a poorly executed shot can result in a bogey or worse. Overall, this is a hole that requires both skill and strategy to navigate successfully, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who plays it.

But what sets Peninsula State Park Golf Course apart from other courses and makes it the best golf course in Door County is its stunning natural setting. As you play your way through the course, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the park’s forests, meadows, and shoreline. In fact, several of the holes offer panoramic views of Green Bay, and on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Of course, no golf course can be considered great without a strong set of amenities, and Peninsula State Park Golf Course does not disappoint in this regard. The clubhouse features a fully stocked pro shop, where you can find everything from clubs and balls to apparel and accessories. There’s also a restaurant and bar on-site, where you can grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink after your round.

For those looking to improve their game, Peninsula State Park Golf Course offers a variety of instructional programs, including private lessons, group clinics, and junior golf camps. The course also hosts several tournaments throughout the year, including the popular Door County Classic, which draws golfers from across the region.

In short, Peninsula State Park Golf Course is the crown jewel of Door County golf. From its stunning natural beauty to its challenging layout and top-notch amenities, it offers everything a golfer could want in a course. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, a round at Peninsula State Park Golf Course is an experience you won’t soon forget. It’s the best golf course in Door County.