Exploring Hamilton Falls: A Hidden Gem on the North Fork of the Eau Claire River

Welcome back to Wiscolens.com! In the second episode of our Wisconsin Waterfalls series, we journey to the remote and serene Hamilton Falls, nestled on the North Fork of the Eau Claire River. While Hamilton Falls may not be one of Wisconsin’s most famous waterfalls, its unique charm and proximity to the more popular Big Falls make it a worthy addition to your travel itinerary.

Discovering Hamilton Falls

Hamilton Falls is best described as a large rapids, spanning the width of the river. Though it may not be a towering cascade, the falls offer a tranquil escape with the soothing sounds of water rushing over the ledge. The surrounding forest adds to the serene ambiance, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

How to Get There

Located in the remote areas of Eau Claire County, Hamilton Falls can be found off Hamilton Falls Road, which branches off County Road MM. For those driving in, there is an ATV parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. From there, it’s a short walk down the road to a washed-out footpath that leads directly to the falls. Don’t worry about getting lost—you’ll hear the roaring waters guiding you along the way.

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Why Visit Hamilton Falls?

Although Hamilton Falls might not be the must-see waterfall of Wisconsin, its secluded location makes it a hidden gem worth visiting. The adventure of finding this off-the-beaten-path spot is part of the charm. Additionally, its proximity to Big Falls Park offers an excellent opportunity to explore both waterfalls in one trip. After enjoying the tranquil beauty of Hamilton Falls, you can head over to Big Falls, which we’ve covered in episode three of our series, for more waterfall magic.

What to Expect in Our Video

In our latest video episode, we provide detailed tips on how to reach Hamilton Falls, including parking and navigating the footpath. We’ve also captured stunning drone footage that showcases the river winding through the dense Wisconsin woods, providing a bird’s-eye view of the falls in all their glory.

Amenities Nearby

For your convenience, there is a park and restroom facilities nearby, ensuring you have a comfortable visit. Whether you’re a seasoned waterfall chaser or a casual hiker, Hamilton Falls offers a delightful excursion into the heart of Wisconsin’s natural beauty.

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Happy exploring!